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Towelini, All in 1 Beach Towel Cover Up, Terry Cloth Sarong, Beach Blanket, Beach Dress and Travel Towel

Towelini, All in 1 Beach Towel Cover Up, Terry Cloth Sarong, Beach Blanket, Beach Dress and Travel Towel random header image

About Towelini

Towelini is a beach towel you can wear as a dress. Its special shape allows you to wrap it around yourself and tie it in a variety of styles to make a dress. Now you don’t have to pack your towel when you head to the beach because you can wear it! So whether you’re heading to a beach that’s halfway around the world or to your backyard pool, Towelini is one less thing to carry. Towelini is made from luxurious 100% organic cotton so it’s soft, absorbant, durable and sustainable.

Available in a selection of rich, vibrant colours.

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Or, if you already have one, click to learn about some of the many ways to wrap your Towelini and make your own style!

You can also purchase your Towelini directly from our online store at Towelini.com

More Info

Towelini is a sexy all in one Sarong, Travel Towel and Beach Blanket that can also be worn like a robe, or rolled into a pillow. It is specially designed to be form fitting, yet versatile.

Each Towelini is made of 100% cotton terry cloth, so it is soft, absorbent and durable, while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

– At the beach, wear Towelini as a sexy sarong, then just lay it out like a beach blanket, or use it to dry yourself off, like a beach towel.

– At the spa, a Towelini makes a stylish robe. And around the house, Towelini can be worn everyday as a casual dress or sun dress. Since it can be wrapped and tied into dozens of styles, you can experiment with different looks to fit your mood.

– Towelini also makes a fantastic travel towel since it is lightweight and fast drying. It replace many other travel items, so it actually saves space in your backpack or travel kit. Towelini is consistently rated as better quality and more versatile than Microfiber travel towels or sarongs.

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