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Towelini, All in 1 Beach Towel Cover Up, Terry Cloth Sarong, Beach Blanket, Beach Dress and Travel Towel

Towelini, All in 1 Beach Towel Cover Up, Terry Cloth Sarong, Beach Blanket, Beach Dress and Travel Towel random header image

Towelini Proudly honors Michael Phelps for winning 8 gold medals

August 20th, 2008 · No Comments · News

Although we are not quite the official towel for the American swim team at the Beijing Olympics, you may have seen some of the athletes using a Towelini after they competed.

Since a Towelini is a wearable towel that you can use like a sarong or a dress, it makes the ideal gift for any athlete. The uniquely designed Towelini saves space in a gym bag and allows athletes (and anyone for that matter) to dry off while wearing a comfortable and plush towel.

We are constantly working hard to promote the amazing Towelini invention to a worldwide audience and the Olympics has truly helped us in that task. We eagerly look forward to the day that such famous athletes like  Michael Phelps, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin as well as the other American athletes will wear our towels as the official towels for the USA and the Olympic games.

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Towelini is the Official Towel of the US Olympic Swim Team

August 11th, 2008 · No Comments · News

Well, not in the 2008 Olympics, but hopefully one day. There’s been a lot of talk about the space-age swimsuit that swimmers are wearing in Beijing. So much research and planning goes into what the athletes wear at the Olympics to help them reach peak performance. But what about after the race? We at Towelini feel that not enough attention is devoted to getting the athletes dried off after the race.

A Towelini is one of the most useful gym accessories there is and it’s only a matter of time before the whole world finds this out. Towelini is lightweight and absorbent so it will quickly get you dry after after a swim or shower. Plus, Towelini can be worn as a cover up so you can avoid bearing it all in the locker room like a certain someone.

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JetBlue charging $7 for pillow, blanket kit??? Forget it, just get a Towelini

August 4th, 2008 · No Comments · News

You may have heard the news today that JetBlue has started to charge customers extra money, $7 to be exact, for a kit that includes a pillow and a blanket… That’s crazy, especially since these items used to be provided free.

With gas prices still hovering near an all time high, and the airline industry losing money like it’s going out of style, it is unfortunate, but many airlines are now charging extra for such small items like a blanket, pillow, or headrest.

And because they are also cracking down on the size of carry on luggage that they permit, many people are unable to bring their own pillows or blankets.

 Well, this is precisely where Towelini comes in !!

Towelini can be wrapped up into a compact little bundle so it will easily be permitted onto any airplane as part of carry on luggage. Towelini can then be bundled into a perfect travel pillow, or unwrapped to make a cozy blanket. Once you get to your destination, you can use Towelini as a beach towel, beath towel, blanket, dress or sarong / cover up.

Towelini  is the perfect travel accessory for any people on the go, and should be a mut have addition to any travel pack. You can get your Towelini travel towel, blanket, and pillow combination by just clicking here to visit our website.

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Jenny McCarthy And Jim Carrey Bikini Pictures? Jim needs a Towelini

July 22nd, 2008 · No Comments · News

So maybe you saw some of the funny pictures floating around the web last week of Jim Carey trying on Jenn McCarthy’s bikini at the beach. Not many men would have the guts to do this, but I guess Jim Carey will do anything for a laugh.

But maybe instead of trying on a bikini, Jim might look just a tad better by wearing a Towelini.

So you decide. Does Jim look better in a Towelini, or in a Bikini… or should he just stick to the boy shorts?

jim carey wearing a bikini pictures     Jim carey wearing a towelini beach cover up sarong

                                  Hot or Not – You Decide!

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Towelini Reinvents the Towel: Towelini beach towel/cover up is a revolution in beachwear

July 20th, 2008 · No Comments · News

Towelini is not just a towel and it’s not just a beach cover up. Towelini is an innovative combination of towel and beach dress that makes packing for the beach a breeze. Towelini’s unique design allows you to wrap it around yourself and tie it to make various styles of dress, similar to a sarong or pareo but with one major difference. Towelini is made from 100% organic cotton terry cloth, so when you untie it it becomes a large, soft, absorbent towel.

While ordinary beach cover ups are useless once you get to the beach, Towelini can be used as a towel and a beach blanket. It can even be rolled up to make a beach pillow. When it’s time to leave, simply put your Towelini back on – there’s no need to pack up a towel and beach blanket. The fabric is lightweight, quick to dry and easy to care for.

Towelini is available in 3 vibrant colors to match or contrast any swimsuit: coral, lime and turquoise. Visit http://www.towelini.com to see how to wear it and where to get it.

Towelini ~ a travel towel, beach towel, sarong and cover up beach dress in 1

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