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Doing laundry on the road is less of a chore with Towelini

May 19th, 2008 · No Comments · News, Travel tips

Here’s yet another way to use your Towelini travel towel sarong while travelling: as a clothes dryer. That’s right. Its large size and organic cotton fibers make it perfect for taking excess water out of your clothes.

If you travel anywhere for more than a week chances are you will have to do some laundry. The alternative is to bring every article of clothing with you on your trip and that’s just crazy. Never fear, if you’ve got your Towelini with you, you can make it around the world with just a few changes of clothes. Here’s how to do a perfect load of laundry in a sink using your Towelini:

  1. Find a suitable wash basin. A bathroom sink works well. If it doesn’t have a plug just cram a sock into the drain to block it.
  2. Get some soap. Shampoo, hand soap, and body wash will do if that’s all you have. Many laundry detergents are available in bar form and these are great for travel so if you’re planning a long trip you may want to bring one along.
  3. Fill you wash basin with cool water. If you are using a liquid soap, add some while the basin is filling. Be careful not to use too much. The water should be sudsy, not foamy. The more soap you use the more time you will spend rinsing.
  4. For larger articles of clothing, such as pants and shirts, wash one at a time to ensure good contact with soap and water. For smaller items like socks and underwear, you can wash a few at a time. Start with lighter colored articles, then move on to darks. Save any really soiled garments for last. Immerse the clothes in the water. If you are using bar soap, apply it to the wet clothes at the places that tend to get the dirtiest – armpits, collar, seat, etc. Rub the soap in, then squeeze it through the whole garment. If you are using liquid soap, simply squeeze the garment a few times to make sure the soapy water goes through the fibers. Pay extra attention to the areas that are dirtiest.
  5. Squeeze out as much soapy water as possible, put the garment aside and wash the next item.
  6. Once all items are soaped and squeezed (don’t forget the sock that is plugging the drain) empty the basin and rinse it with some clean water. Replug the drain and refill the basin with cool water. Again, larger items should be rinsed separately while smaller items can be rinsed together. Rinse each garment at least 2 times to ensure no soap remains.
  7. Squeeze out as much water as possible using your hands. You could stop here but if you hang your clothes up now they will take an eternity to dry. Instead, use your Towelini to kick start the drying process.
  8. Lay your Towelini out flat. Lay the wet clothes out on top of the Towelini. For best results, avoid overlapping the clothes as much as possible. Roll up your Towelini with the clothes inside. Squeeze the roll flat using your hands. Give the flattened roll a quarter turn, then flatten it again. This takes most of the water out of your clothes.
  9. Hang your damp clothes and Towelini to dry wherever you can in your room. There is no need to worry about dripping since most of the water has been removed from the clothes. If you can, open a window or turn on a fan to get air circulating. Everything will be dry in no time.

Portable clothes dryer

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