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The Top 5 Ways To Tie a Sarong

June 17th, 2008 · 6 Comments · News

If you’re a woman heading to the beach, pool or spa this summer, you should definitely remember to bring along a sarong. They make an excellent cover-up and beach wrap and since they can be tied in a variety of styles to suit every figure a sarong is definitely a must have for any woman.

A Towelini, which is like a cross between a sarong and a beach towel made out of fast drying terry cloth, is a good choice for women who prefer a cover up with even more versatile applications. Towelinis are available at http://www.towelini.com/

Here are the top 5 ways to tie your sarong this summer: For a picture guide click here

1. The halter dress: Start by wrapping your sarong or Towelini around yourself lengthwise. Twist the top corners around each other then pull them up behind your neck and tie them.

2. The cape: This style is perfect if there’s a cool breeze or if you want to protect your shoulders from the hot sun. Start by wrapping your sarong or Towelini over your shoulders. Cross the top corners over your chest, wrap them behind your back and tie.

3. The strapless dress: Simply wrap your sarong or Towelini around your chest, above the bust, and tie the top corners together.

4. The long skirt: Simply wrap the sarong or Towelini around your waist and tie the top corners together.

5. The one shoulder dress: Hold one top corner closer to yourself and wrap the sarong or Towelini around yourself using the other corner. Tie the top corners together over your shoulder.

For more styles or to view a picture guide click here

To buy a Towelini, click just click here to visit the Towelini Store

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  • 1 Sexy Beach bum // Jun 17, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    The picture guide is great!

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